This suite of elegant, slim and attractive fittings with a modern aesthetic is designed using Golden Ratio principles. Integral sensor, dual or 3 step light level control and DALI or Analogue dimming for Daylight Harvesting options are available. The 4,000K Eagle is available complete, in 3 shell sizes and 4 lumen packages, in standard and emergency. 


    • Robus 5 Year Warranty
    • Complies with the requirements of the Carbon Trusts ETCL
    • A full range of surface mount fittings in 3 shell sizes with a range of lumen packages from 630 to 2200lm providing a Neutral White 4,000K light colour
    • Available to compliment Standard & Emergency versions are, Dual Power, 3 Step Corridor function, DALI & Analogue dimming and Integral Sensors
    • All polycarbonate construction with Robus Pro-diffuser tested to IK10 and IP65
    • High quality, long life Runlite 4,000K SMD LED technology mounted on steel tray for high thermal conductivity
    • Provides exceptional light output and low power consumption to achieve exceptional efficacy


    • Is eligible for ECA’s - includes costs of the fittings, installation and delivery
    • Effectively reduces the cost of a premium installation to that of lower quality
    • Specifically for areas where security of the light fittings is of importance
    • A common attractive aesthetic is achieved throughout the installation
    • Provides a choice of light outputs to replace traditional C FL light sources on a one for one basis
    • Discourages loitering and makes substance injection more difficult
    • Great where a warmer light colour is preferred or a high CRI to highlightred colours such as in make-up and dressing rooms where the integrity of security is still a consideration

For installation in/outdoor areas where security of the light fitting is of importance such as: Atriums, corridors, stairwells, landings, circulation & communal areas in: LA Housing, Residential homes, Restaurants, Educational establishments, Hospitals, Public Buildings, transport facilities, Public toilets. 


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